2015 Winners from the Howl-O-Ween Dog Parade & Costume Contest sponsored by the ASNA & the Bow Wow Lounge

This year’s Howl-O-Ween Dog Parade & Costume Contest managed to be fun and profitable despite Saturday’s downpour (the first in our 12 years). Although the numbers were down to about 20 dogs, the quality of the entries and the enthusiasm of the crowd remained high.


Grand Prize ($50):

  • Riley,a Wheaten terrier, and his owners John Olson and Maurice Valleyo, costumed as Sharknado

Special awards ($25)

Most Original – “Mad Chef Chasing Turkey” with Charles, a pug, dressed as a turkey being chased by his hatchet-wielding owner Rylie Tiemann

Scariest – Sundance, a border collie costumed as a zombie.  Owner: Lindsey Bonner

Best Homemade – Argo, a yellow lad, dressed as Bowser (Ninetendo).  Owner:  Cath Wiectokek

Funniest – “Beetlejuice and the Sand Worm” portrayed by Zimmie, a toy poodle, and Max, a Maltese.  Owners: Nicole Lam and Benita Sedillo.

Best Dog-Owner Combo – “The Original Three Ghostbusters” portrayed by Egan, a Chi-terrier mix, and his owners John & Gretchen Metzler.

Best Entry From Owner age 12 and under – Batman & The Bark Knight

(Sorry to say we can’t find the entry form. Please let us know if you can identify them.)


Please check out the photos from the event courtesy of Nicole Gotthelf.

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