ASNA Alley Sale 2017


Get ready!

This year’s ASNA Alley Sale is set for Sept. 16 and 17!  Now’s the time to start cleaning out those basements and attics.  And if you haven’t paid your 2017-18 ASNA dues, now’s the time for that too.  Alley Sale registration is $5 for ASNA members and $10 for non-members. The City of Chicago requires registration of all sales. ASNA will take that nasty little chore off your hands and coordinate publicity and signage.  All you have to do is fill out the Sales Permit Application and return with your payment no later than Wednesday, Sept. 13.

Return to:

Art Gregg at 1711 Carmen,


Gary Forell, 5109 N Ravenswood,

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[Alley Sale PDF]

[Membership flyer FY 2017-18]

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