About ASNA

Andersonville South Neighborhood Association… Working together for a better community

A nonprofit organization, the Andersonville South Neighborhood Association is dedicated to making our neighborhood a safe, friendly and attractive place to live and work. Our borders are Ashland on the East, Ravenswood on the West, Foster on the North and Winnemac on the South in Chicago, Illinois.

Our Mission

The mission of ASNA is to promote a sense of community.

Our Goals

  • Maintain a clean, attractive neighborhood.
  • Ensure and promote public safety.
  • Build and maintain a sense of community.

What We Do

  • Provide opportunities for neighbors to get to know one another such as the annual neighborhood party held in July for Andersonville South residents.
  • Plant and maintain green spaces along the Ravenswood parkway and street corners.
  • Sponsor activities such as Greening Day in May to promote volunteerism and help make our community a better place.
  • Promote communication among residents with our Neighbor to Neighbor newsletters, flyers and our website.
  • Monitor development to ensure it is in keeping with the character and needs of our neighborhood.
  • Serve as a neighborhood liaison with our alderman, police and other public officials.

Major annual events are the spring Greening Day (May), summer Neighborhood Party (July), the Howl-O-Ween Dog Parade and Costume Contest (October), and the Midwinter Beat-the-Blahs Party (February). Good ideas are always welcome – as are helping hands to organize activities, set up and take down. Please contact us if you would like to have fun, help out, and meet your neighbors!